As a batsman in cricket it is vital that you have a great batting grip to enable you to play the complete range of batting shots with full control and accuracy.

The way a batsmen grips the bat typically differs slightly from gamer to gamer which is some times showed in their batting design.
For simpleness sake the simplest way to hold a bat correctly is to lie your bat face down on the ground and pick it up with both hands as though it were a small axe and you shouldn’t go to far wrong.

Nevertheless, there is a certain identified and ‘appropriate’ bat grip which is taught by the English Cricket Board (ECB).

After picking up the bat guarantee you have your fingers and thumb wrapped around the centre of the manage with your hands close together.

The shape ought to form a ‘V’, in line in between the splice and the edge.

This indicates that when you are holding the bat a ‘V’, as such is formed between where the within the thumb and fore finger hold the bat with each hand. The two ‘V’s on each hand needs to line up nearly centrally between the splice/handle and the leading edge.

This is rather hard to explain without out a diagram, however if you have a cricket bat nearby you ought to have the ability to attempt this out.

Often some players rest their fore-finger down the side of the bat/handle and not closed around the grip; this is not advised as it can result in injuries ( as you advance to higher levels, with faster provides and higher effects.

Your top hand should rest well against the inside front thigh.
You should have an unwinded stance, with feet parallel and around a foot length apart. Make certain you have you weight equally distributed throughout both feet and keep your knees bent.
The stance is a side-on position in relation to the bowler and ought to always be unwinded.

Your head position is crucial and you need to guarantee you keep your eyes level, as having a somewhat tilted head actually has actually been proven to reduce response time as it is harder for the brain to process the inbound information. Keep you eyes level over your toes.

Ensuring you have a proper cricket batting grip and position is essential to your success as a cricket batsman as all successful shots start with an efficient grip, stance, backswing and step.