My wife and I were leaving for the world tour in a few days. We very excited. I had always been a traveling enthusiast. I had planned the tour very carefully. We would be roaming most of the African countries. I wanted my whole family to come with us but we could not afford it at that moment. But I still wanted to share all my visits with my family. For this reason,I downloaded the Postagain app. I also downloaded this app on close family members and friends’ mobiles.


Everyone came to leave us at the airport. Our first destination was Cape Town in South Africa. We roamed the traditional markets in that city, our travel guide was a very nice woman. I was constantly clicking away pictures on my mobile for two main reasons. The first was that I wanted to save the memory of everything and the second was that I was constantly uploading pictures on the Postagain app. My family was accessing the pictures through the content that I had named, “My dream tour”. We also went to the Cape Point, which was famous for the meeting of the two oceans; the Atlantic Ocean and the Indian Ocean. Our ride to the Table mountain was a very memorable one. I was feeling very happy that I was getting to share all these moments with my family.

My children were also uploading their pictures. In other cities, we saw the African traditional culture. I made a video of the traditional Xhosa Dance and uploaded it so my friend could see the African culture through their attire and dance.
A very small country located in South Africa is Swaziland. I uploaded pictures of its enticing natural beauty. My family and friends were ‘wowing’ over the pictures through comments. We also chatted every night, mostly I did all the talking to inform them about our plans for the next day. The following week we left for Cameroon, to check out its famous cave systems.

Our next visit was to Ethiopia, I had always heard about the famine problems there. One of my friends was a social worker, she had asked me to take pictures and send them to her for her social work blog. I asked her to download the Post Again App and join the content. I uploaded all the pictures that she needed on the content. She was a philanthropist, she was very sad to see the situation.

After visiting Nigeria we went to Egypt. The museums of Cairo, its sand dunes and pyramids were the main attractions. We bought many goods from the Cairo market; everyone selected what they wanted through the pictures we posted. I was very easy to communicate through the Post Again app.

When we returned home everyone was happy to see us. The tour had been one of the most memorable experiences of my life and I was glad that I got to share it with my family. Only the Postagain app made this possible.