With so many more modern singles pursing love online at the dating sites, more single guys and gals are going on more first dates. However, not all First Dates are going to be great. But where does that leave you? Is it proper dating etiquette for you to just escape and run? Even if the date is dreadful, do you have to stay to the bitter end? What can you do? How do you exit a First Date? Internet Dating Expert gives contemporary singles sage help for leaving a dreadful date safely with poise. Read on to learn how to leave an awful first date.

I got one of those emergency phones calls Saturday night from a single woman in Los Angeles dating coaching client.


She was calling me on her cell phone from the ladies’ room.

“April, can’t I just leave through the back door?”


Ladies, we are ladies. We can be audacious, bold, fabulous and brazen at times, but we are gracious to the core. Ok? So we leave with grace, poise, and aplomb.

We do not leave through a back door!

Through the front door we entered, and through the front door we shall exit.

“But what do I do?” she pleaded with me over our cell phones.

Now that you are in this mess, here is precisely what I recommended to her to do and say.

First, I did ascertain that the meal had been finished. We are not talking about leaving in the middle of things. We are just trying to wrap things up now.

What does that mean for you? It means, go back out to the dinner table at the restaurant.

Sit down. Sip your water. Turn to your date and sweetly and graciously utter these words,

“Thank you for dinner, Bob, Dave, Mohammad [insert his name]. I’ve enjoyed meeting you. You’re such an interesting man. But I just don’t feel we are a match. Good luck in your search.”

Now get up and leave. Walk out with grace.

Just so the men know,¬†Male Escort in Delhi¬†I have had the exact same scenario with male online dating coaching clients calling me. The scenario with the men clients was only just a little bit different. Naturally, he’s not phoning me from the ladies’ room! However, it was also Saturday night. He and his lady date were at a chic Los Angeles area Dinner/Comedy Club, and it’s “Date 0.”The woman he’s with is whining and behaving like a pill. All he wants to do is run to the nearest exit.

You now know what you can say and do to leave your awful date. Behave graciously. If it helps, imagine how the Dali Lama would act. You don’t need to extend this date. You may exit early.

For dear folks who are just getting back into the swing of dating again perhaps dating after divorce, or a 3 yr relationship that did not result in marriage, I recommend they take it slowly returning to modern dating. Meet on a week night and aim for a date of about 1 hour. Aim to meet and connect briefly and see if you two want to date a bit more to see if there is something here. Keep things light and low pressure with your communication and behavior. You’ll do great!