It is important to examine the breasts after eighteen, twenty years of ages, particularly in the first week after the menstrual period.

Prior to menstrual duration the nipples are growing up becoming strength or nodule complete. After the period it dies.

During the pregnancy the breasts are growing up and end up being strength in order to be gotten ready for suckles.

All you need to do is to obtain used with the typical state of the breast in order to find any sort of changes, such as a nodule development. Inform your doctor for any change.

The advices are available for guys too.

In order to analyze the nipples the next procedures are recommended:

1. Raise your arms above your head. Observe the margins of the nipples, while you remain in front of a mirror. Then put your arms on your hips to see if are there any tissue and nipple inflammations, a nipple different then the other one, bumps, uncomfortable nipple, nipple leakages, other than the milk.

2. Put one arm on your head. With the other one analyzes the breasts. Start from the margins with a circular movement that goes to the nipple. Demand the part in between nipple and arm. There are lymphatic ganglions which has to move free and not to be uncomfortable when are touched. Search for tough blemishes.

3. Stay on your back and repeat the 2nd pointer. See if your nipples has licks, except the milk.

According to American Cancer Society all the women have to go to the medical professional every three years. Those that are over forty years old ought to go every year.

The breast cancer [] can be treated and prevented. Just think it. It is possible. It has been done prior to. I wish to aware all the ladies and men about the risk of this disease, however to assist all individuals, consisting of man, who go it. Read the brief info about how can be prevented and healed.